Paleo Breakfast

Paleo Breakfast

When I first wake up, it takes me a bit to get started and be hungry. I like to not rush in the mornings, but sometimes I run late so I can’t always have a leisure breakfast, so I always have a back up shake ready for those mornings, or for a midday snack.

But if times allows, I like to have a hearty meal right at the table. i have heard many rumors in regards to breakfast. Some people just aren’t hungry and by-pass it. Rule #1: never pass up breakfast. Rule #2: do not have your coffee until you have already eaten. The coffee will surpress you appetite and then you metabolism will not be given the chance to rev itself back up. Rule#3: it is best to have many of your carbs earlier in the day. The is the best time to have your fruits/ fruit shakes. You also want protein. My favorite option is eggs, bacon/sausage with fruits and a tall glass of water.

Make sure you are also supplementing your new eating lifestyle with some hearty vitamins or supplements. Notice how I said “SUPPLEMENTING”. If you more chicken/turkey and veggies than red meats, then your cholesterol and other worrisome health indicators, will not be a problem.

**Note: Cholesterol is GOOD. High cholesterol is more of an inflammation issue than cholesterol, but I will say more about that later in a link to Mark Niemchak’s words of wisdom on the matter.

So as your getting ready for dinner, prepare a shake for the next day in case you have a hurried morning, a hurried lunch or just get hungry in the day. if you have the time, slow down and enjoy a nice paleo breakfast!


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