I began this blog to help those in my shoes to better understand how to balance their health and their life. As a young adult, I live an active lifestyle. I work, attend classes (rising senior in college), exercise, volunteer in my community and try to balance that with my social life. I love the life I live, but I have always found maintaining my desired physique to be difficult. After a night out with friends, the last thing I want for breakfast is a simple bowl of yogurt or two eggs. So what am I to do? When out for drinks or dinner, how do I pass on the chips and queso? (Huge Mexican cuisine fan).

I should give a little background of the family I come from. I am a North Carolina resident born and raised. I have two loving parents and an older brother (I will link his website/blog soon). We have always been a close knit bunch. Now, I never grew up on a normal child’s diet. Sugary cereals and candy were not my thing. I was an avid fruit fan and loved my carbohydrates, other than that, my parents did a great job with cooking most of our meals themselves and making sure I stayed active. My father is a Chiropractor and has recently focused his remaining attention on nutrition. My brother, similarly, graduated recently with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and is a certified personal trainer. Lastly, my mother is an RN and holds the position of Director of Operations at Duke University Hospital. coming from a family such as this has led me to why I have created this blog.

As a college female, I have heard every fad, Pinterest-advertised and quick-fix diet plan out there. A majority of the time, once you start a diet you eventually stray from it and wind up gaining more weight than before. I have had friends fast for a few days then binge eat in order to lose weight. Those same friends have tried diet pills, water pills, juice “cleanses” and many more useless ways to shed the excess weight gained in college. I am not saying I haven’t fallen victim to similar products, but there is only one “diet” that allowed me to look, feel and maintain my best health and weight with being a diet at all! I didn’t have to starve myself or take any fancy pills to achieve results, but I did have to change the way I looked and understood food.

My new lifestyle and way of eating is known as “The Paleo Diet”. Both my brother and my father have found this to be the best way to eat in order to maintain the proper health. The Paleo lifestyle includes a diet made up of fruits, veggies, nuts and meats. This diet is not a diet at all, this is now the way I eat.

Many people, women especially, cannot imagine a life without carbohydrates, and I admit that it was hard for the first few weeks, but the body is an amazing thing and adjusts accordingly. In the Paleolithic era, the only foods available to the hunter gatherers were the foods I mentioned above. Grains and processed foods were not an option, all they had were the basics. It is a simple concept but it makes sense and IT WORKS!

“We should eat to live, not live to eat.”-Anonymous

I am not sure who coined this quote, but it is the best and most frustrating quotes for me. I love it because I agree that many Americans over indulge and that is not the way we were built, but I find it frustrating because I love to cook and eat!   The Paleo Lifestyle does not hinder my cooking or my love of eating. There are many recipes (which I will soon post) that allow any Paleo follower to still enjoy food without all the unnecessary calories, sugars, carbs or any other nonsense.

Once I had been eating paleo, I soon lost my desire for pastas, pizzas, cookies and many other foods that I was eating and craving before. My metabolism also sped up and even at my hungriest, I never had to deny myself. I continue to eat this way and have found many new recipes (both for foods and drinks) that allow me to indulge without effecting my health!


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